Week 2 – Master Closet

How did laundry go? I hope you were all able to get completely caught up so that you can maintain doing 1 -2 full loads a day. It was a labor of love, but I made it through the other side and actually got completely caught up on laundry. I seriously can’t remember a time where there wasn’t large loads of laundry waiting for me around my house. Now that I’m caught up with laundry I’m working on a laundry schedule for what gets washed which days. I would like to try it out for a month before sharing it to see how solid it is.

Originally my plans for week 2 in the organization series were to spend the next two weeks working on kitchen organization. But there are two other areas in my home that need serious attention (my kitchen is actually pretty organized ) : my closet and both offices in my home. Although the closet isn’t so bad due to donating a large about of items; it’s been neglected when it comes to regular upkeep. My goal this week is to clean, organize and donate items in the closet going from the top down.

I have a walk-in closet and then we have another “extra closet”. I use the extra closet to house my off season shoes and clothes, while the walk-in closet houses all my husband’s clothes, luggage, spare bedding for our bed, my accessories, purses, in season clothes and more. I have done the konmari process on my clothing twice this year, so although I don’t believe they need to be donated, they do need to be organized in a more functional way for me.


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I am also choosing to focus my energy on the closet because in late spring we move into our new home (tentative until the home is done being built and the loan goes through). This is a great time for me to really go through our stuff with a fine tooth comb, clean those hard to reach places or those areas I don’t think about ( top closet shelves ) and pack away some of the things I won’t readily need until after the move. I imagine doing this will make my life easier but also make moving that much more smoothly when time comes. My plan is to give myself an hour a day working on my closets, which would be about 6 hours (Mon – Sa.) in total. That’s a lot of time on a closet, and in reality I may finish earlier than I planned, but at least I know with 6 hours available to me this week to work on it I don’t have any excuse to not get it done. Here’s to get the closets looking fabulous and functional!


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