Valentine wands

In my mind I had lots of great post scheduled for Valentine’s day. But then you know what? Life happened and I just rolled with it. Also I’ve been kind of avoiding pulling anything out of my craft room because I just got it organized. I’m the type of crafter that leaves behind a storm when I’m done crafting…and I wanted to enjoy the loveliness of it for a while more. And mostly because I am working on something that I’m so excited to share with everyone! Look for sneak peaks starting in March, I’m still finalizing the details, but basically because I can’t keep a secret…I’ll tell you! I’m working on some amazing fabulous planners that will be out for pre-order in Sept/October. The cover designs are so fabulous that I can’t even stand it right now! As Beyonce would say, “I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicka” So there is my secret and I’m excited and grateful for this process.


Now on to this Valentine tutorial that will take you all of 30 minutes. It took me an hour, but that was because I had to stop every second to take a picture for the tutorial. I make these wands for almost every occasion, like the ones I made for the Fourth of July. It’s an easy inexpensive decor piece.

Material Needed:

Felt ( use as many or as few sheets of felt as you would like)

hand cut heart shaped cardboard

quilt batting (or you can just rip the cotton out of an old pillow)


glue gun and glue sticks



Step 1

Cut out a heart shape on cardboard (an old cereal or shoe box will work good for this) then clip it to your felt so it stays in place while cutting. Because you are basically making mini pillows you want to make sure you have matching front and back. To achieve this I simply fold over the felt a few times so that way one cut yields me two to four hearts.



Step 2

Once you got all your hearts cut out, hot glue the straw to the lower middle of one half of the hearts. Once that dries hot glue the perimeter of the heart (leaving a space wide enough for you to shove cotton in with your finger) and place the heart top on top of the bottom layer that has the hot glue on it.



Step 3

Shove some cotton inside of the hearts



Step 4.

Glue the heart completely closed



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