Quick and Easy Chore Charts

Why does the weekend always go by so incredibly fast? It feels so unfair! Slave through the week, spend Saturday playing catch up on everything that was neglected during the week and spend Sunday preparing for the week. Some days I feel like I’m chasing my tail and I long for spring break where my kids don’t have homework or projects or anything.

chore chart1

Trying to find balance in my life seems to be a life long struggle. Sometimes I’m really good at it, and other times, everything is falling down around my ears while I’m trying to maintain a few other things. It doesn’t help that my 8 year old is so sassy I often dream of sending her to my parents to get a breather for a few months. Does that make me a bad mother? I’m too tired to care.

I’m a fan of children having chores. Not only is it good for them, it’s beneficial to me. I cannot do everything, nor do I want to. Pinterest has some really great creative chore charts, that if you got the time, you could create something pretty majestic. I don’t have the time to go through all the energy of creating a chore chart that may change from week to week or month to month. In my home my children have chores that go on rotations, sometimes I throw in a little something extra if I feel they are being extra sassy.

I’ve been on the hunt for some type of functional chore chart that will work for my family for a while now. What we’ve been doing for the past few months is just telling them what their chores are for the day and dealing with the meltdowns that usually ensue. I don’t know why they have the meltdowns, it’s not like I’m telling them something they don’t know already. A few weeks ago I found myself in Target up to no good, as usual. In their dollar bin area I found these cute clipboards and note pads. Once I seen that I knew immediately I had chore charts figured out for my two oldest. I’ll probably just grab one on etsy for my youngest one.

chores chart

I’ve taken these chipbaord clipbaords and placed them on the doors of my kids rooms using those non-damaging wall sticky strips. I love those things! I keep a pad on each of the clipboards and write whatever chores or notes that I want them to see. We’ve been using this system for a few weeks now and It’s been working out great! Instead of me being the one to verbally tell my children to do their chores and when, I just write it on their note pad and they read it when they come home from school. So far it’s saved on all the arguments, which as a mom to three kids, I’m very grateful for. The good stuff in the Target dollar bin always goes fast, so don’t walk, run to the nearest target and grab yourself some of these. All in all my cost for the two chore charts was $4 and so far it’s saving my sanity, which is priceless.


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