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Notebooks have forever been a part of my life since longer than I can remember. I was that weird kid that got excited over stationery and school supplies. As an adult, not much has changed in that regard. Although I make my own planners,  today I wanted to share with you the other bullet journals I use and how I organize them.

I know it seems like a lot but I regularly use 4 different journals/bullet journals. I use my Leuchttrum notebook to map out all my list, keep track of months and weeks at a glance, etc. I use two for my blogging and my brand and another is used for bible journaling and the last is my basic daily personal journal. Seems like a lot, right? I swear it keeps me functional and organized…or at least it gives me the illusion that I am.


daily planner -- ninthandco

My regular bullet journal contains list like the one above. Goals, tips, my word of the year and a 6 month future log for important dates. It contains a lot more than that, but that’s the basics of it.

daily planner -- ninthandco 1

I use a basic Moleskine to set up details for my blog, posting schedules, ideas, social media, goals, affiliate accounts, etc. This Moleskine Professional notebook above is the coordinating editorial blog planner that I use to outline all my blog post, this only houses blog post that I am going to write, nothing else. I’ve always been a pen and paper gal and I like to outline my ideas and the key points I want to touch on.

daily planner -- ninthandco-2


Next up is my personal journal. I word vomit all over this thing on a regular basis, best therapy ever! Beyond writing the comings and goings of my daily details I also use this to journal interpersonal questions (365). I like to be creative in my personal journal because it relaxes me before I start writing. I don’t feel like it’s a waste of my time to be creative in my personal or bible journal because this is something that will likely be passed down to my kids and so-forth.

daily planner -- ninthandco 4

dailyplanner -- ninthandco 5

This year one of my major goals has been to study the New Testament in detail. I set a system up that I really love and If it keeps working well I plan to fine tune it and list them in my etsy shop. The Bible journal community is large right now, and it’s so fun to see how creative people are with their mediums and scriptures. I generally use my actual scriptures to cross reference and highlight specific points, not full on decorating. I had this unused leather bound journal gifted to me by my husband a few years ago that I knew would work perfect for my bible journal. I’m not as gifted as most when it comes to drawing, but when possible I like to include a map because it allows me to better visualize where things took place.

daily planner -- ninthandco8

My journaling supplies are pretty simple: color pencils, journaling pens and my water color paint set is pretty much all that I use. I do have some great stamp sets, I just haven’t figured out how to work them in yet.

dailyplanner -- ninthandco7

I love bullet to journal because it basically keeps all my lists and random thoughts corralled in one place. I use an index to reference all the categories that I create (i.e. books to read, goals for the year/month/week, dinner ideas, etc.). I plan to do a monthly review of my journals or planners or both on what is and isn’t working for me and hopefully I will have some great new tips to share!




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