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As I’ve previously talked about we are planning to move out of our cozy and simple apartment into a house. Our lease ends at the end of the month and we are not planning to renew it. Living in an apartment has been great. It’s allowed us to simplify our lives, save up money, pay down debt and spend more time as a family. It really has been a blessing.

The husband and I have been talking and our first priority when we move is to finally put our bedroom first. I cannot tell you how many times we have moved and we spend all our time doing up the kid’s rooms and updating their furniture or their “play” area. We end up coming in dead last. We end up too tired to do anything to our room so it ends up just getting left behind. We have been married for 10 years and we don’t even have a real bedroom set. In fact, our bed sits on a box spring. There is no reason why we shouldn’t have an adult bed with grownup functional dressers and furniture. We should have done this years ago, but we didn’t. So we are doing it now, and the process on figuring out what we want and don’t want has been pretty fun.


1. Hamilton Bed  2. Moultrie Bed  3. Farmhouse Bed 4. Hudson Bed  5. Panel Bed  6. Huey Bed

For our bed we are looking at dark colors. We don’t want white, anything light or anything metal. I like cherry wood. My husband, Ben, likes black. So we’ll probably meet in the middle and go with cherry wood. A sleigh bed or a farmhouse bed is the style we are going for. We will definitely be buying a brand new mattress as well, we are so beyond overdue for a mattress its not even funny.


1. White Dresser  2. 500 Series  3. South Shore  4.  Baldwin  5. Kingston  6. Skyloft

As much as I would love to do something cute like mustard yellow dressers or turquoise night stands, I realize I share a room with a man and that is not going to happen. So instead we have come up with a few dresser styles that we both like and would take in the colors of either black or brown depending on our bed frame color.


1. Lori  2. Monroe  3. Leighton  4. Coaster  5. Rosaleen  6. 500 Series

We will be getting nightstands. We do a lot of reading in bed and I always have notebooks lying around. It would be nice to have a nightstand where our tablets, current books and my notebooks can go. My goal really is to make our room clutter free. Give everything a home without it crowding the top of our dressers and becoming an eyesore. No matter the color in the picture, we would probably only go with brown or black, something that would match our bed frame.

I’m really looking forward to decorating our bedroom. The goal is to make it a relaxing room with organization and no clutter. A peaceful retreat at the end of the day. I’m looking forward to buying quality pieces that will last. I can’t wait to find art for our bedroom that we both like; to finally have a functional dresser and bed…and a new mattress! The Container Store is finally coming to Utah, and I cannot freaking wait!! That store will be my go to place for getting our home organized and functional. I’m am a big fan of that store and have spent so long shopping from them online that I’m looking forward to being able to go in person and get what I want.






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    All of those pieces of furniture are gorgeous! I think you could definitely get away with mustard yellow furniture, men like color too no? I had a cherry color dresser set that I found at goodwill and I ended up sanding it, painting it white, and then painting the top a dark cherry color (since the used dresser had been chipped, it made sense to redo it) and then on the inside I made it turquoise and did stencils on the sides so when you opened it you saw a design in turquoise. Best of both worlds!

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    A new mattress means so much! I cannot wait to buy a new one, my boyfriend might finally quit hearing me complain about an achy back. I really love dark furniture as well, as long as everything else is bright and relaxing. My personal favorites from the ones you listed are: bed 6, dresser 4 and nightstand 4. Granted they’re not the same color schemes I like the overall look of those. Have fun making your new bedroom!

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    All those pieces are nice!! I love redecorating, I guess in this case it would be finally decorating, but I especially love that you two can comprolomise easily! Happy furniture hunting!

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    I cannot believe the Container Store is not already in Utah! I think you are going to love decorating your new house. It’s so nice to start fresh in a new space, enjoy!

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    Wow! I love all the furniture you have picked!!! ESPECIALLY the beds. We have dark furniture in our bedroom with lighter colored walls and I love the coziness of the room! Enjoy decorating your new house!

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    This is kinda sad but I get into decorating and designing my place and then leave out the bedroom. My bedroom is so plain and not cute. This is a great post for me because I need to get new bedding and a new dresser! I am going to check all of these out right now :)

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    I love your ideas for the bed and furniture, I have to admit I’d never even thought about going for a really dark wooden bed as I thought it may look quite intimidating. These look gorgeous though and surprisingly cosy!!

    Katie <3

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