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1. Ikea Storage Combination  2.  Ikea Dresser Drawer  3. Blue Clock   4. Fabric Flowers

5. Framed Art  6. Ikea Kitchen Cart  7. Dot&Bo Chair  8. Target Desk

I’ve talked about this but between now and after Nov we are looking to move out of our cozy apartment into a house where I have my own office. I’ve had home offices before but I’ve always had mismatched furniture pieces and it always drove me crazy! They weren’t exactly pretty either, just barely functional. I’ve decided that I’m going to actually invest in some decent items for my home office. I’m going to make it inviting to not only be in, but to work in. In the past I would hate working in my home office because style wise it was all over the place, and not very organized. So my goal is to have my new space aesthetically pleasing to the eye, matching, functional and organized. I really do not need anything in there that doesn’t serve a purpose and I do not need any wasted space. I work from home for a company and I run a business from my home that requires me to have a decent amount of inventory on hand, I need a space that allows both of those worlds to coexists without bleeding into the other.

For the most part the furniture in my future office will be white. I am choosing white because it’s bright and clean and I much prefer to add pops of color with accents than to have colored furniture pieces in this space. I feel very confident that I will purchase The Ikea Storage Combination and the Kitchen Cart. I already have the desk, I bought it a long time ago from Target and I just can’t seem to give it up. The Ikea shelving units would be perfect for housing all my inventory. I like the drawers and the doors. It allows me to keep everything in a place and be able to close it up and keep the space neat. The Ikea Hermnes dresser is something I own already, but I’ve beat that dresser to crap and I need a new one. Again the drawers will allow me to compartmentalize many  things, thereby providing order that I desperately need. In the past working in a disorganized office has caused me stress beyond belief. I very much love this Dot&Bo blue chair, it’s truly fabulous. I don’t know if I’m willing to spend $174.00 on one chair though. I’d have to really want it and it would have to be really comfortable. I’m more likely to buy something like this within my price range. I’m giving myself a firm budget for this home office and my goal is to come in under budget, if possible. I Imagine that the item that will get the most use in this space will be the Ikea Kitchen Cart. Mostly because I can place what projects I’m currently working in the cart and roll it around the office or house if need be.


1. Travel Art  2. Do what you Love  3. London Art  4. Mrs. Print 

5. Keep Calm Art  6. Ampersand Art  7. Hello Art  8. Cape Cod Art

 Finding the right art for my office is a big deal. In general I love art, I love paintings, but I love them mostly for my bedroom and around the house. I like more print art for my office. I’m not sure exactly which prints I will have framed and hanging in my future office, but these are some styles that I really like and find reasonably priced. I actually really love the Ampersand framed print that is in the style board at the beginning of this post, and I think I will definitely order that piece for my office. I don’t want to over crowd the walls with too many pictures because it will feel cluttered to me, and I’m trying to steer clear from that. That environment is  not conductive to productive work pr inspiration for me.


1. Bike Paper Clips  2. To Do Board  3. File Folders  4. Kate Spade File Folders

5. Magazine Holder  6. Magazine Wall Holder  7. Storage Boxes

I love office accessories. This post here and here are proof of that. These are all functional items I would use and will most likely order for my office. I really like the wall file organizer and I can see myself with 2-3 of these. This One Kings Lane To Do pin board is fabulous! I love that it’s a decent size and that it will fit the style of my office space. A lot of the storage for my inventory currently is clear, and will stay that way because I can see what I need without having to rifle through a million things. However, these colorful storage boxes will be part of my office. I can see these storing many of the items that I don’t use as often but still want neatly placed out of sight. I really like the punch of color it can add to the selves, creating functional decor, not just pretty pieces taking up space that I need in there. rug

1. Blue Moroccan Rug  2. Multi-colored Rug  3. Scrolled Rug  4. Damask Rug

5. Blue and White Rug  6. Tan Rug  7.  Blue and White Rug 8. Light Blue/Grey Rug

I would like to have a good looking rug directly underneath my desk. I’m not 100% which rug I want, but here are some options of what I’m really feeling right now. My favorite color is blue and I would be happy with any one of these blue rugs. However, the rug will need to compliment the curtains without clashing and causing an over stimulation of color and design. I haven’t looked much at what kind of curtains I want to use, but If I end up going with something like this, that has a pattern on it, then I would probably go with a rug that doesn’t have any design. I really do like patterns, mixing and matching them, but for this space I need simple and clean lines so that I can concentrate without feeling like the space is so eclectic I get distracted. How do you like your office space? Dark tones, Light? Lots of patterns or simple and modern?



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    One of the greatest things you can do for a home office is to reward your work with something truely special to look at every, and for me that getting an original painting. Something of quality that sets your office space as your very own.

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