DIY Picture Holders


Honestly, this is so simple it will take you five minutes or less to do. The best part about this tutorial is that you can totally customize this. You can grab some spray paint and color the finish product gold…or glittery( is that a word?) or if you like Modgepod and paper you can Modgepod these babies. Make sure if you Modgepod that you do it BEFORE you assemble the finished product. If you are a serious crafter (like me) or a moderate crafter you may have some of these supplies on hand, if you don’t have any of them go ask someone on you know before running out to buy anything more than the washers. If I get a minute I’ll post a picture of the one I made and spray painted Gold on my Instagram feed some time this week.


Glue Gun with 1 glue stick

3 Washers. ( I got mine in a pack of three from Home Depot for 60 cents) — measure about 25mm in diameter (25mm=1inch)

Exact-o Knife (optional)



Place your base washer (the one that will be facing down) with the finished (shiny) part down. Try to have the non-shiny part facing up, it just seems to hold the washers better. Place two small dabs on each side of the base (facing down) washer and quickly assemble the second washer so that it’s standing on top of the base washer (the glue should be holding the standing washer in place. The drying time is very rapid so I try to move very quickly.


Once I have my standing washer just how I want it I take my exact-o knife and trim down any unsightly glue globs that I’d rather not see.


Repeat to the 3rd washer.



Add picture and enjoy.





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