Book of the Month –January


I knew when I finally picked up blogging again after being absent for some time that  I wanted to do a book nook reading club. Basically a book club minus the wine, house hosting and physical people to converse with face to face. This is less leisure reading, and more books you would find in the self-help aisle. This year I’m all about making positive and progressive steps in my life.

I first came upon The Morning Miracle book last year. Fully Titled: The Miracle Morning The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed To Transform Your Life Before 8Am. The book sounds a bit ambitious but the reviews were overwhelmingly wonderful. I kept hearing people talk about creating a level 10 life, which on name alone sounded more like a MLM setup to me. But one of my goals for the new year is to be more positive; so I bought the book and waited for the mailman to place it on my door step. Once he did, it took me about a week to actually feel motivated enough to want to start reading it (maybe I need this book more than I thought). All I have read so far is the introduction, which draws the reader in swiftly making them feel empathetic to the author but also putting them in awe as he basically rose like a phoenix out of the ashes when most people would have been consumed by despair.

I look forward to reading and studying this book in detail during the month of January. I hope you will join along too. The book is approx 122 pages and looks as though it could easily be ready in a weekend. I’m giving it the whole month for in depth studying and will give my final review of the book at the end of the month.



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