Super Bowl 2016 Must Haves

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Super bowl is a special time in my family, and has been since the beginning of time. It's a day where we wake up and go to church; lingering after church on this day is strictly forbidden and highly frowned upon. We then come home and change out of church clothes faster than the speed of light. Seats are determined on a seniority status, meaning if you are an adult you get to lounge out full body on the couch, and if you are a child you likely are automatically downgraded to the floor. It's just ... read more

10 Minute Valentine’s Craft


Valentine's day is coming upon us, and If I'm being honest, it's not an observed holiday I give a ton of hoopla to. The super bowl rates higher on the totem pole. But doing crafts soothes my inner Martha Stewart like something fierce. I thought to myself, "self, what's a cute and easy diy valentine project that can be done start to finish in 10 minutes or less?" And naturally myself answered with lots of lovely ideas that I narrowed down to basically 4 of the same but different decor crafts that ... read more

Week 2 – Master Closet


How did laundry go? I hope you were all able to get completely caught up so that you can maintain doing 1 -2 full loads a day. It was a labor of love, but I made it through the other side and actually got completely caught up on laundry. I seriously can't remember a time where there wasn't large loads of laundry waiting for me around my house. Now that I'm caught up with laundry I'm working on a laundry schedule for what gets washed which days. I would like to try it out for a month before ... read more

My Journal Set up

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Notebooks have forever been a part of my life since longer than I can remember. I was that weird kid that got excited over stationery and school supplies. As an adult, not much has changed in that regard. Although I make my own planners,  today I wanted to share with you the other bullet journals I use and how I organize them. I know it seems like a lot but I regularly use 4 different journals/bullet journals. I use my Leuchttrum notebook to map out all my list, keep track of months and weeks ... read more

Book of the Month –January


I knew when I finally picked up blogging again after being absent for some time that  I wanted to do a book nook reading club. Basically a book club minus the wine, house hosting and physical people to converse with face to face. This is less leisure reading, and more books you would find in the self-help aisle. This year I'm all about making positive and progressive steps in my life. ... read more