Beach Wedding Inspiration

I know it’s fall and for most people a beach wedding ain’t happening until summer, late spring at the earliest. However, I just love weddings and I couldn’t help making this beach themed wedding inspiration board. I don’t know if it’s true because I was married in a temple and not the beach, but a beach wedding, seems like it would be so relaxing. The beach, sand on your feet and some of your most favorite people around you (or none at all) sounds perfect. I mean, you don’t even need music, you have the ocean sounds which are noted for helping people to relax. The only thing you would have going against you would be if you had your wedding on a windy day, because sand in the eye always feels like giant rocks grinding all over your pupils.



1. Bridal Gown  2. Mini Cake  3. Decorated Chair  4. Scroll Table Numbers

5. Table Setting  6. Bridal Hair  7. Place Setting  8. Green Wedding Canopy



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