I’m a mom of three and wife of one. During the day I double as a chauffeur and maid for my family and at night I craft, work, write, and blog. I know two things for sure: 1. I’m pretty sure that glitter and all things fabulous run through my veins. 2. At 29, I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I love hot chocolate year around and I appreciate naps. I could easily craft all day long, but the kids have to eat and sadly the house won’t clean itself. I love food; we have a good relationship, but I love it! I’m more of a novice cook looking to expand my limited culinary knowledge, so most of my recipes will reflect that. I love reading. For as long as I can remember I have had a love of reading and I can always be found with a real or electronic book in my hands.

For someone reason I have developed an unnatural love for wedding receptions and wedding fashion. I have no desire to actually plan a wedding. I did my own and that was work enough. There is just something that draws me to the “feeling” that people are looking to create with their wedding that melts my heart. I love the dresses, the styles, the decor and the colors. I love weddings! I’m also a big lover of fashion. I should warn you that my love of fashion and all my fashion boards do NOT translate me to dressing like that. I can usually be found in a pair of yoga pants because they are easy and I’m lazy.

Home Decor creates butterflies in my stomach.  I’m a hoarder  lover of home decor magazines.  I love the feeling that certain styles evoke in me and in others. You can decorate a home one way and envision a family who lives on the beach there, then you can decorate it another way and visualize a posh independent woman taking on New York City in her stylish apartment. I think style in general is part of a representation of a person and their personality and something about getting a peak into their world intrigues me.

Ninth&Co. is committed to bringing you fabulous style ideas, food recipes and DIY projects. I hope you stick around for awhile and enjoy all the wonderfulness that’s about to come your way!