10 Minute Valentine’s Craft

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Valentine’s day is coming upon us, and If I’m being honest, it’s not an observed holiday I give a ton of hoopla to. The super bowl rates higher on the totem pole. But doing crafts soothes my inner Martha Stewart like something fierce. I thought to myself, “self, what’s a cute and easy diy valentine project that can be done start to finish in 10 minutes or less?” And naturally myself answered with lots of lovely ideas that I narrowed down to basically 4 of the same but different decor crafts that can be done quickly.

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Beyond this being incredibly easy and cute; I love the simplicity of it. I also love how great they are separately and how fantastic they are when all four pieces come together as one. One of these things is not like the other. Remember how I said they are all basically the same, but not? They are the same in that they are all art pieces framed in miniature frames (or one 8 x 10 if you got that route)…but each has a different design.  Let’s get started!

Before I started the individual projects I took a minute to cut in half each of the blank postcards, thereby giving myself 4 “canvases” to work with.

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Design 1

Time: 10 minutes

Supplies: blank postcard sketch pad (half of one sheet), scissors, Glue (I used a mini bottle of E6000), 2 mini candy canes, water color paint, black ball point pen, toothpick, mini frame (3×4 at Michaels).

Directions: Paint the middle of your sheet of paper with your preferred color. Wait about 2-3 minutes for it to dry. Using a toothpick apply the E6000 to one side of the candy cane and attach it to the middle of the paper. Do the same to the second mini candy cane and attach it to the paper, thereby creating a heart shape. With a black ball point pen (or felt, or calligraphy, or anything fancy you like) write the word “always” (or whatever word you want) below the heart shape. Let dry for a few minutes, frame and carry on with life.

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Design 2

Time: 10 minutes

Supplies: mini heart shaped punch, adhesive of your choice, one dark pink and one light pink  4 inch x 4 inch piece of cardstock, blank postcard sketch pad (half of one sheet), mini frame.

Directions: with your heart punch, punch out as many light pink hearts as will fit your frame in a symmetrical way. Punch out one dark pink heart (you can reverse the order or create your own). Adhere all the hearts to the paper making sure to keep them symmetrical and with an invisible line between one heart and the next. Adhere your dark pink heart in the very center so that the light pink ones surround it. Let dry if necessary, frame and carry on with life.

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Design 3

Time:  5 minutes (I’m being generous here, this should take more like 2 minutes)

Supplies: Favorite shade of lipstick, your kissable lips, black ball point pen, blank postcard pad (1/2 sheet), mini frame.

Directions: Apply lipstick to your lips. Kiss the paper right smack in the middle. With your ball point pen write something amazing like “XO”. Complicated huh? Admire it, redo it if you find you can’t seem to get the perfect pucker of lips on your paper..ultimately give up and decide to stick with the original kiss you did.  Frame it and carry on with life, or place it by your night stand so you can wake up every morning to admire your beautiful lips.

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Design 4

Time: 7 minutes

Supplies: pink paper cut into a square shape, adhesive, arrow charm, E6000, toothpick, blank postcard pad (1/2 sheet) mini frame.

I saved the most complicated of the 3 for last. It might take you the full 7 minutes, but it’s likely to only take you 4 minutes…I included those extra minutes because I always have to leave time to look for where I misplaced my scissors.

Directions: If you don’t have a 1-inch heart shaped punch ( I have one..but lost it in my craft room..story of my life) you can just revert back to your kindergarten days where you fold the square in half and cute a half heart shape. Or if you like to take time you can trace a heart and cut it out…but that feels like a lot of work, and I’m trying to make this quick and easy. Once you have your heart situation figured out, attach that to the middle of your paper. Using a toothpick, apply the E6000 to one side of your arrow charm, then attach the arrow to the paper under the heart shape. Enjoy the splendors of your magnificent artistic skills. Frame it, then carry on with life.

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